From time to time it may be necessary to file an amendment. Here’s how you file an amendment in San Diego.

Prepare the amended schedule. Only the added or corrected information is to appear on the amended schedule. Type the word “ADDED” or “CORRECTED”. Insert the word “AMENDED” at the bottom of each page.

Prepare CSD 1100 “Amendment”. This needs to be signed by the debtor and the attorney. You can serve the trustee and US Trustee by ECF although you might have to do it my mail too so I always do.  CSD 1100 “Amendment” must have the scanned signature of the debtor although the attorney can sign /s/

File the form CSD 1100 and the amended schedule.

If the amendment involves adding a creditor there are some additional procedures. And there is a fee.
Prepare form CSD 1101 “Notice to Creditors of the Above Named Debtor Added by Amendment…” Attach the Notice of Meeting of Creditors that the court served on all the creditors before the 341a hearing. Check the appropriate box as to whether the 341a hearing has or has not been concluded. Serve the added creditor by mail with CSD 1101 with the attached Notice of Meeting of Creditors.
Then file the CSD 1101 with the attached Notice of Meeting of Creditors. You will be prompted to pay a $30 filing fee.

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