How Long Does It Take to File Bankruptcy?

Often a prospective client will call or e-mail and ask me the following question: How long does it take to file the bankruptcy after I hire you?

Several things have to happen before I can file your bankruptcy petition:

1) You have to give me the information I need to complete the petition. How do you get me the information? I get information on your creditors mostly through your credit report. You only need to check it over to see if any creditors are missing. The rest of the information I get from you when you fill out an online interview form I use called MyCaseInfo.

2) You have to give me the documents I need to send to the trustee. I give you a list of documents I need when you retain me. It’s basically a list of documents showing the value of your assets and your income.

3) You have to do the credit counseling. You do this online. It might take you an hour.

4) You have to pay my fee in full plus the court’s filing fee. I’m not allowed to be one of your creditors when you file bankruptcy.

It’s impossible for me to say how long it will take you to get the above things done. If the case is not complex and you can devote enough time to the case then we can get the case filed quickly…in a couple of weeks or even less.  I’ve filed cases just days after being retained. On the other hand I have had clients take many months to get these things done.

It’s really up to you. If you want or need to get your case filed quickly and you’re willing to devote the time and effort to getting me the information and documents, we can get the case filed very quickly.

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