Who Should Consider Bankruptcy?

As your San Diego Bankruptcy attorney I can explain the potential benefits to be obtained by filing bankruptcy.

You should consider filing for bankruptcy if you are facing a mountain of debt that you can’t realistically expect to pay off in the foreseeable future. It takes away the incentive to get up and go to work every morning if you know you can never get ahead because of all that debt.
In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you discharge or cancel your debts. As you can read about elsewhere on this site there are certain debts that can not be discharged in bankruptcy. But typically all the credit card debt can be discharged.

Another reason you may need to think about bankruptcy is that creditors are calling and writing letters. Once you hire my office the creditors generally stop calling. You tell them to call me instead. You can sleep better knowing that if a creditor calls you can tell them to call us instead. You can relax knowing that we are taking care of your debt problems. It usually removes a great weight from your shoulders.

Perhaps your wages are about to be garnished or maybe they have been garnished. A bankruptcy filing immediately removes the garnishment.
Many businesses are failing in this economy. Usually, before closing the business for good, our clients have run up a great deal of debt trying to make the business work. These situations often require personal bankruptcy. If the business was incorporated the corporation is typically dissolved. We can assist you with these types of matters.

Some of our clients have fallen behind with their mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure. Filing a Chapter 13 can help you by forcing the lender to allow you to get caught up.
We are meeting clients whose property values have decreased to the point that they owe more than their homes are worth. Under certain circumstances, we can remove mortgages from your property in a Chapter 13. Our ability to do this will greatly increase if legislation currently pending in the Senate passes and is signed into law by President Obama. But there is much that we can do now, even without that legislation.

There are as many reasons to file bankruptcy as there are people who need to declare bankruptcy.

Rest assured that if you call us you will receive individual attention to help you with your particular problems.

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