Stop the Calls. Stop the Harrassment.

Most of my prospective bankruptcy clients are being bothered by creditors. The creditors are calling, writing letters and making threats. Some of my clients are afraid to pick up the phone because it might be an aggressive collection agent.

Give yourself a rest! Get some peace and quiet!

Once you hire me the next time a creditor calls you simply tell him or her: “I’d like to speak to you but I have retained Harley A, Feinstein, Attorney at Law. Mr. Feinstein has instructed me not to speak to any creditors. Call Mr. Feinstein.” Then hang up. In other words, as soon as you hire me the creditor harassment ends.

Of course, the most important benefit of hiring me is to help you achieve your goal of canceling your debts in order to get the legal relief that only bankruptcy provides.

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