Don’t Let Yourself Be Overcharged.

There are different ways to approach the organization of a law office. I have been the owner of my law office since June 1985. Before that, I worked in law firms all the way back to 1977. Until 1990 I was practicing in Los Angeles. Since then I have been a San Diego Bankruptcy attorney. I have seen and tried many different approaches.

One approach is to have a high volume of cases. This requires spending large amounts of money on advertising. If you watch TV, read the newspaper or look at the sponsored listings on the internet you know who these firms are. These firms typically spend tens of thousands of dollars each month on advertising.
These firms have to get the money for all this advertising somewhere. One way they get the money for all the advertising is to charge more for their services. This is the reason you will generally pay more if you hire this type of firm.

But advertising is so expensive that in order for these firms to be profitable for the owners the firm must keep their operational overhead low. They generally do this by having non-attorneys or inexperienced, low-paid attorneys do most of the work. If you hire one of these firms you will probably be dealing with one of these non‑attorneys or secretaries. You will receive little personal attention since the workers will be handling such a high volume of cases. The work performed by these firms may be inferior since it is being handled on a high volume often by people with little experience or expertise.

And for all that you will be paying a relatively high fee since the firm needs to pay for all that advertising.
Twenty years ago I had an office of the kind described above. It was financially beneficial to me but I found that kind of practice very unsatisfying.

The approach I have taken for many years is that I spend practically nothing on advertising. My business either comes from referrals or through this website.
I do the work myself with the assistance of highly trained professionals. I have very good computer programs. My office is paperless and I file everything electronically.

Since I do not pay large sums for advertising and I am efficient, I can keep my rates low. And since my volume is relatively low I do not need to hire large numbers of low-paid employees to get the work out. You get the benefit of personal service and work that is performed by people with a high level of experience and expertise. In my office, I and my assistants have the time and interest to work on each case carefully. We do not have an assembly line approach.
I love the way I have my practice organized. I make a pretty good living and, at the end of the day, I know I have happy clients. And this makes me a happy lawyer.

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