Personal Injury

Are you getting the runaround from an insurance company? Let me help you. Let me deal with them. I speak their language. I know what works and what doesn’t.

I have 30 years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases, insurance companies and their lawyers. I know all their tricks and have strategies to deal with each and every one of them.

The insurance companies have experienced aggressive attorneys. You should too. Put me on your team.

I can help you get medical care even if your health insurance won’t cover it or if you do not have health insurance.

Don’t allow your personal injury settlement to be eaten up by all the medical bills. I negotiate with the doctors and other health care providers in an effort to have the bottom line (cash to you) acceptable to you.

I can help you get the award for pain and suffering you deserve.

Let me help you get a fair settlement for the damage to your vehicle. I can help you get a rental car. I normally do not charge for my services relating to vehicle damage provided you hire me to represent you in your bodily injury case.

Let me help you recover your loss of earnings. Let me assist you in recovering compensation for your lost wages, loss of vacation pay, loss of sick pay, loss of self employment income.

If, for some reason, I can not obtain a financial recovery for you you do not owe me any attorney’s fees and you do not have to reimburse me for my costs.

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