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Call me anytime at 760-809-5599 for a free consultation. If you make me your attorney I promise I’ll be here for you!

We can meet in my Encinitas office: 662 Encinitas Blvd Suite 252 in Encinitas CA 92024.

So why choose me over the hundreds of other bankruptcy attorneys?

* You’ll probably save money by hiring me. Those big high-overhead bankruptcy mills will probably charge you more than I will. Plus with me you’ll get one on one personal service.

* I’ve got many years of experience. I’ve been assisting Southern California consumers and owners of small businesses since 1979 – that’s 33 years! But I’ve still got enthusiasm for this profession. I love helping people. Google me. Check my reviews on Yelp, Avvo, Google. I have satisfied clients!

* I can usually Stop creditor calls immediately with as little as $100.00 down. Once you hire me if the creditors get you on the phone just tell them “Call my attorney Harley Feinstein.” You can start sleeping again at night!

* Improve your credit by filing bankruptcy? Some people think filing for bankruptcy is a financial death sentence. Not true! People in heavy debt usually experience an improvement in their credit after filing for bankruptcy. I offer something special. You can come in for a credit analysis using the CIN system giving you your current credit score and your predicted credit score after bankruptcy.

* I can clearly explain to you the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is better for most people. But, for some people, Chapter 13 can do some truly amazing things.

* I want to help you to get rid of your debts but keep all your property. I am very careful about this. It is very rare for my clients to lose any property in a bankruptcy. That’s because we do very careful planning before we file. We do as much planning as it takes.

* Are you concerned about foreclosure? I don’t just focus on bankruptcy. I may be able to help you avoid or delay it with or without bankruptcy. But if foreclosure looks unavoidable we can help lessen the damage to you.

* Often people want to file bankruptcy but their spouse doesn’t. Even though you’re married it may be quite possible for you to file for bankruptcy and to leave your spouse out of it.

* Maybe you’ve already had a foreclosure. I can tell you if the foreclosure wiped out all that mogrtage debt or if you still owe a deficiency. If you still owe the bank we can use bankruptcy to protect you from being sued by a lender after the foreclosure.

* We can do some great things with Chapter 13. We may be able to use Chapter 13 to cancel 2nd deed of trust on your home. If your home goes back up in value, when you sell it you won’t have to pay the 2nd. Not all attorneys are well versed in this procedure. I am!

* Are you concerned that you might be making too much money to file for bankruptcy? Let me help you with the means test. Here’s a site where you can Take the means test for free. The means test is one of the income ceiling tests that can be a barrier to filing a chapter 7. Let’s look at these income ceiling tests together and see if they will cause you a problem. There’s a lot we can do!

* They say “Timing is everything”. This can be very true in bankruptcy. Some people have a narrow window of opportunity to file bankruptcy. Sometimes it’s better to file sooner rather than later. Sometimes it pays to wait a few months. Let’s get together and discuss this Timing issue. I am willing to spend the time with you to do this right!

I invite you to explore this website for more information. Or call me now at 760-809-5599 for a free consultation. I’m easy to reach!

(Free consultation is only offered for Consumer Cases)

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