November 3, 2011

“I came to Harley to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I had looked at other law firms, Doan Law, Miller Law Group, etc. but none seemed to give the personal attention that Harley offered. That impression rang true when I retained Harley. I got a lot of great advice and Harley helped me through what I knew was going to be one of the more challenging legal experiences that I have had to face to date. Fortunately, with Harley’s help, we worked through each of the Ch. 7 hurdles to a successful conclusion. My recommendation, if you are looking for the assembly line approach, go to another law firm. If you want an attorney that knows your case and does the research to help you through the hurdles, than look no further than Harley.”

Del Mar C.

Del Mar C.

November 2, 2011

“If you find yourself in the position of having to file for bankruptcy, Harley Feinstein is a very knowledgeable attorney who is honest about your options, thorough and meticulous about the paperwork, and very reasonably priced.

He was helpful, professional and courteous throughout the entire process. I have gone through this process while pregnant, and he has been especially thoughtful and considerate in making sure I was doing ok and comfortable the whole time.”

The day of the hearing was fast and straightforward and I owe the simplicity of the process to Harley’s careful attention to detail and getting everything prepped so all the trustee had to do was check off the items on her list and say I was good to go.

Thank you Harley for making an intense and stressful process as simple and manageable as possible!”

Natasha S.

December 12, 2011

“Mr. Feinstein represented me in a dispute involving a Wage Garnishment against my earnings as a Real Estate Agent. Initially, the real estate company I contract with was going to withhold the standard 25% of my earnings. However, my contract clearly indicated I was NOT an employee, but rather an Independent Contractor.

Subsequent to relating my story to Mr. Feinstein, he was extremely helpful insofar as he explained the law to me and exactly what was to be done. He wrote a letter to my real estate company which was absolutely excellent. The company immediately, after reading Mr. Feinstein’s letter, actually apologized to me, said they had “made a mistake”, and re_submitted the Wage Garnishment to the Sheriff’s Office indicating as I was an Independent Contractor and I was not subject to ANY wage garnishment.

I had tried numerous times to get my own company to change this, yet, in less than a day after receiving Mr. Feinstein’s lettter, they apologized and changed the form to properly classify me, as per my contract.

If you find yourself in this position, or if you are in need of an attorney which will sit down and listen, and do everything possible to resolve your case, Mr. Feinstein is your best choice by far.”

Joshua M.


“Harley recently guided my wife and I through a bankruptcy and did a brilliant job. While at our hearing we watched several others in front of us get declined or postponed due to lack of organization or not having all their”bases” covered. Harley made sure we had all our “ducks in a row” before our hearing and it was an absolute breeze for us and we were granted the bankruptcy without a glitch. His fees were fare and clear.

Harley is the attorney you want to use for something so important!”

John, A Chapter 7 Client


“Harley’s services were above and beyond my expectation. He was reliable, knowledgeable and sincere in his approach to my situation. I would recommend him to anyone. He made a very difficult situation run smoothly and I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case. In the event you need a lawyer for bankruptcy, Harley is the best choice. I have complete confidence in his experience and knowledge.”

A Chapter 7 Client

Oct 18, 2011

“I’m so glad I hired Harley to help me through my bankruptcy proceedings. He always treated me with respect, and I felt secure knowing he was taking care of the many court requirements to ensure a successful outcome. He was very responsive to all my questions, and his thorough and honest answers made me feel better through the whole process. If you ever have to go through a bankruptcy, I highly recommend choosing Harley Feinstein to guide you through it.”


Mar 19, 2011

“Harley was very patient and helpful when he represented me in a Bankruptcy. I was very satisfied with his service. I would highly recommend him for legal guidance.”


Jan 31, 2011

“We would highly recommend Harley Feinstein. We were in a very difficult situation with a business that failed. Harley made us feel very comfortable. He was informative and covered everything we needed to know. He never pressured us to do anything and was very patient with us. He was always there when we needed him and almost immediately returned phone calls or emails. Exceptional Customer Service!”


Jan 25, 2011

“We found an attorney that did what he said he would do. Returned phone calls and e_mails promptly, explained the process we were going to go through and displayed the confidence and experience we were hoping for. In the end it all went just as he said it would. We would recommend Harley in an instant to anyone needing legal help.”


Jan 7, 2011

“Simply put, Harley was a fantastic attorney to work with. He helped me through a very stressful legal matter in a calm and efficient manner. He was always available to communicate via phone or e_mail, and made a very confusing process easy to understand. I highly recommend Harley Feinstein as an attorney that is understanding, helpful, attentive, and gets the job done.”


Nov 30, 2010

“I can’t say enough about the excellent service I received from Harley Feinstein. He took a cumbersome legal matter and made it simple, fast and affordable. If you live in the San Diego area and are looking for an attorney, this is the man to see. He returns phone calls and emails promptly and walks you through the entire process, no headaches, no hassles.. Highly recommended.”


March 12, 2011

“Harley is a fantastic attorney! We highly recommend him to anyone who is considering bankruptcy. We had a somewhat complicated case that involved failed businesses and workers compensation benefits, and Harley did the necessary research and protected what assets we had left. He communicated well and made the process as easy as possible. We really enjoyed his work ethic and patience with our case as he walked us through every step of the way.”

Patti D

“My husband and I, feeling the crunch like most people in this economy, found ourselves in a bit of a financial pickle after our once lucrative business took a nosedive. No longer making anywhere near the income we once did, we were forced to look at Bankruptcy as a possible option. Now, let’s be honest, for folks that work hard on paying bills on time and have prided themselves on keeping a good credit rating, having to finally admit to yourselves that a Bankruptcy may be the only way to dig out of a sinking hole is a pretty hard thing on your pride! I found Harley Feinstein through very positive reviews and decided to give him a call. I had heard horror stories of people that had filed with some of the cattle call Bankruptcy firms and after they gave their money found out that they never qualified in the first place and never got their money back. That’s why it was VERY important to me that I give ALL information and that I find a good, honest attorney to take our case. Even before meeting with us, Harley had me do a “means test” to help determine if we qualified in the first place. We set up a meeting after to discuss all of the particulars. He was very honest, very organized, and was GREAT with communication. I was ALWAYS able to reach him for questions and if he wasn’t immediately available, he always called me back quickly. We went through every possible scenario to ensure that we could be confident that there would be no issues and he always spelled everything out so that we always knew EXACTLY what to expect.

On the day that we went for our hearing, I was pretty intimidated and nervous. Harley arrived early to wait with us. In the meantime,there were many people in the waiting area that were meeting their attorneys for the first time (many of them even having the SAME 1 attorney to represent ALL of them!) that went through bankruptcy firms. After hearing some of their discussions, it was clear that they weren’t as prepared as they should have been, sometimes resulting in continuances. It’s definitely at a time like that when you just want everything OVER with, that you are so thankful for having an attorney with experience personally representing you that was so organized and ready for any questions or issues the trustees might bring up.

Here is the point that I want to make sure anyone reading this understands… The only reason people go to Bankruptcy Firms is because they think it’s less expensive than going to an attorney directly. Harley’s attorney fee was EXACTLY the same as the Bankruptcy Firm charges but with PERSONALIZED service. Knowing THAT why would ANYONE honestly opt to go any other way??

Although I’m sad that we ended up having to go through a bankruptcy, I’m relieved that we had such a great attorney to help us through the whole process to make things a little easier on us.”

Sharon C., Yelp Reviewer

July 23, 2011

“You have heard all the horror stories, the fast talking, info commercial BK attorneys. Who can you trust? Harley treated me as a family member. What he said, he did, the process couldn’t be any easier. He is a very organized, experienced and trustworthy attorney. I highly recommend him for all your bankruptcy needs. He went well beyond his call of duties to make this experience as painless as possible. Between the calls, emails and in_person meetings, you will feel the process isn’t as challenging as you thought. Harley’s bankruptcy procedure is comfortably efficient and effective…..”

J. G.

July 21, 2011

“Harley Feinstein recently represented me in my bankruptcy. He was prompt and professional all the way. He made me feel at ease, and made the process as painless as possible. I am so grateful I found him and recommend him for any legal needs.”

Donna T.


“Harley really knows his profession and has all his ducks in a row! He kept me informed throughout the bankruptcy and on the day of the hearing, it was comforting to know that I had a professional representing me and walking me through each step. I highly recommend Harley Feinstein!”

Treez, A Chapter 7 Client


“After interviewing 3 Lawyers, we decided on Mr Feinstein. He was very knowledgeable and did’nt make us feel degraded like some lawyers do. Our case was not an easy one and he explained everything so that we could understand.”

A Chapter 7 Client


“Hi my name is Elizabeth, after careful consideration I decided to file bankruptcy. I got a refferal from a friend and I immediately called Harley. I was surprised to know that he handled ALL his calls, I went in for a consultation and he really made me feel at ease and comfortable with the whole process. I remember that I called him and left him a message, he returned my call even though he was on vacation. That made a huge impression, he was quick to respond to my needs. He really worked hard with me to make sure I was on the right track for the filing process. And when I went to the meeting with the trustee, HE was already there waiting for me. Other people there were waiting for their lawyers and it was 10 min before the appt time. I really appreciated his sincerity and the support I felt while in the meeting. He sat next to me at the interview table, which reassured me, while other attorney’s sat on the opposite side of it with their clients. I remember that a lawyer walked in and introduced himself to a client stating that he was standing in for the primary lawyer and thought to myself, glad I am not her. My lawyer was with me, no stand in required. I would recommend Harley and his services to anyone who needs an lawyer.”

Elizabeth, A Chapter 7 Client


“Harley is very professional and made our bankruptcy case very easy to deal with. He responded immediately to all of our emails and phone calls and was very accessible. He was very thorough in the paperwork, which allowed our court hearing to be so simple we left amazed it was that easy. It was a pleasure to work with him, especially through bankruptcy, which is a very emotionally taxing and stressful situation to deal with. Harley’s friendly and honest personality made our meetings very enjoyable. My husband and I would both highly recommend Harley, and if we need a lawyer in the future (hopefully not), we will use Harley again.”

A Chapter 7 Client


“Due to lack of work for the past 2 year I realized I had to file bankruptsy Chapter 7. Good furtune was on my side I found Harley Feinstein in

North County and we went to work. Harley worked with me through the process. Returned my call very quickly, answered all my emails

very fast. I trust Harley and I know I have a top Attorney, he is accurate, very knowledgeable and very professional. He treated me with respect and dignity and an excellent listener. I highly recommend his services.”

Mette, A Chapter 7 Client


“He was very thorough and got it done for us!”

A Chapter 7 Client


“In late November of 2009 we hired Harley Feinstein to assist us with a very difficult and complex bankruptcy that involved our personal assets, two corporations, and issues regarding our home. We had previously spoken with numerous lawyers and had reached a point where we felt discouraged and overwhelmed. We called Harley’s office fairly late one evening and left a message about meeting with him to see if he could help. We were shocked and relieved we he called us back personally that very night to reassure us and provide encouragement. No one had been able or willing to genuinely step up and provide honest support and guidance during the extended period we had been dealing with our financial difficulties. Harley did and did so with more professionalism and thoughtfulness than we could have imagined possible.

Throughout the course of the Chapter 7 Harley provided the best legal advice we could have asked to receive. By providing clear solutions to difficult situations and personally insuring we understood and were confident about each step along the way, he helped us through one of the hardest times of our life. We recommend Harley as the attorney you should use if you are facing financial difficulties without any reservation.”

A Chapter 7 Client


“Harley helped me understand the actual repercussions of filing bankruptcy, versus the hearsay and things the credit card companies would have you believe. He was always responsive to my questions, answering by email or phone very promptly (often within minutes). I would highly recommend him for your legal needs.”

A Chapter 7 Client


“Harley was there for us in a time of great need. He was truly kind and reassuring. He did not try to impress us with his legal knowledge although he does have decades of experience. Instead, he listened carefully, quickly grasped the relevant issues, and then responded with wisdom. He was very practical. We particulary appreciated having someone local that we could meet with face to face. His assistance was an incredible value. He provided us great rates when we needed it most.”

A Chapter 7 Client


“Mr. Feinstein was a great help throughout the bankruptcy process. Like anyone who has to go thru bankruptcy, it’s an uncomfortable, embarrassing and often times confusing process. Mr. Feinstein was a tremendous help to get creditors to stop calling and to walk us thru the steps to get us back on our feet.”



“Harley Feinstein represented us in a smooth Bankruptcy. He treated us with dignity and a listening ear. He speach was respectful and kind. He was readily available by cell phone and email. He often answered questions from his Smart Phone off hours. He uses a paralegal to do the paperwork but he answers your questions. When gray areas arised in the case, he took initiative and made great efforts to ensure that our petition was accurate. He is very skilled and reliable. He uses “mycaseinfo” which requires you, the client, to enter ALL of your own information which is very time consuming but also allows you to ensure the accuracy. He scans all documents and works effectively with new technologies.He went above and beyond in many things rergarding our case.”

A Chapter 7 Client


“Harley was very thorough. He looked at everything that could go wrong and made triple sure that it wouldn’t.”



“Having grown up with attorneys in my family on the east coast, I was taught to always do my homework on who I was hiring.

Harley Feinstein truly is the most qualified, personal, and hands_on attorney I have ever met or hired. He is not only well educated in his field, but knowledgeable, resourceful and accurate.

The fact that Mr. Feinstein personally responded to me himself on a Saturday afternoon while I was emailing attorney’s offices to obtain information for my needs was the first sign that I was hiring someone who cares and who has a passion for his work and not a “law mill” where I would just be a case number to some attorney.

Mr. Feinstein’s fees are not only fare, reasonable and affordable, the individual service you will receive truly is priceless and such a refreshing change to the typical law office where it is easier to talk to the President of the United States than to the attorney you have hired and paid.

Mr. Feinstein has always been available to answer any questions I had and returned my calls or emails promptly and proficiently, and always returned them himself.

I believe my case was handled extremely professionally and without a doubt flawlessly. I contribute that solely to Mr. Feinstein’s professionalism.

I look forward to continueing a client relationship with Mr. Feinstein and not only will hire him for his services for other business or personal related matters in the future, but as the daughter of a very professional attorney in Florida, I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Feinstein without even thinking twice about it.”

A Client


“Harley was very professional and personable during my bankruptcy crisis. I would highly recommend his services.”

A Chapter 7 Client

April 19, 2009

“Harley worked hard for us. I loved that he always answered his phone himself, and we were never put off for any reason. Calls back were immediate! If you are looking for someone NOT corporate, and that gives PERSONAL attention, he is your attorney!”


March 17, 2009

“My husband and I were in dire straits financially. We had discussed possibly filing for bankruptcy, and decided to begin looking for a attorney. We met with a few attorneys and found that many overcharged,and were incredibly impersonal. We felt like just another number, and another paycheck for them.

When we met with Harley, we instantly felt that our situation was important to him, and that we would be well taken care of. When he told us how much it would cost us to file for bankruptcy we were floored by how much less he charged than the other lawyers. It just makes sense to NOT charge and arm and a leg when people are already having financial problems.

During the process, Harley kept us informed, and was always

available if we had any questions. On the day of our hearing, Harley was right on time, and prepared. We were very pleased with how Harley handled our case from our initial consultation, to our bankruptcy discharge. He treated us like important individuals, not just another number, and another dollar. We felt that he truly cared about our well-being, and that he had our best interest in mind.

We would happily refer Harley to anyone who may need his services. If we ever need legal assistance in the future, we will return to Harley with absolutely no hesitation.”

Mr & Mrs. Q of Encinitas CA

March 17, 2009

“Mr. Feinstein is very knowledgeable regarding bankruptcy. He was incredibly responsive to us throughout the process and he was thoroughly prepared for our meeting with the trustee. We highly recommend Mr. Feinstein to anyone who is in the predicament of having to file for bankruptcy.”

Mr & Mrs. R of Encinitas

March 14, 2009

“In 2006, I was, at the time, about to go in business for myself, and opened a restaurant. After consulting with a few Attorneys, I stumbled on Mr. Feinstein, who explained the various corporation, and legal options available to me, in the most “easy to understand” terms. I quickly found out that luck was on our side!, as we had stumbled on an extremely knowledgeable, & competent Attorney.

I would recommend Mr. Feinstein to anyone seeking corporate & bankruptcy law, His outstanding work ethics made us informed and very comfortable, paying attention to every detail. His fees are reasonable & you get the best advice in town!. Thank You, Mr. Feinstein, for your time and effort. Working with you was a most pleasant experience. You have changed the way we look at and think about Attorneys.”

Tristandespres San Diego CA


“I highly recommend Mr. Harley Feinstein. I got a fair settlement, and I was treated with respect. He is professional, and always accessible. I never thought that I could claim from the other party who rear_ended since he is not a legal resident. The car is not even his. But Mr. Feinstein assured me that I have a case and that he will take care of it. True to his word, a few months after, the other party’s insurance made an offer for settlement. I have not even personally met Mr Feinstein as I am from Los Angeles County and he is based in San Diego but he made the transaction so efficient and convenient for me from start to finish.

YOU ARE THE BEST Mr. Feinstein. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who will need your services on Personal Injury or Bankruptcy.”

A Car Accident Client

March 16, 2009

“My case was unusual in some ways since my first lawyer dropped it without the benefit of firing a single shot. He called me and said that after talking to the lawyer of the insurance company of the woman who hit my car, he determined that I do not have a case. I was stunned to hear that from a lawyer. I was upset because I was still under treatment because of the injuries from the accident. I was mad and I started to ask God if there is truly a justice for people who had been wronged. I was so happy when I meet Attorney Harley Feinstein. He looked at my case and decided on the spot that he could help me. Although my case is still in progress, I am confident that justice will prevail. Thank you, Atty. Feinstein for giving me back my faith and confidence in our justice system.”

B.M San Diego CA

March 14, 2008

“We would like to take this opportunity to recommend the services of Harley A. Feinstein, Attorney at Law. We found his services to be at all times professional, accurate, and timely. He worked diligently, answered all our questions and settled our case quickly and efficiently. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of our personal injury case, and would recommend him without question.”

Mr. & Mrs. D San Diego CA

March 13, 2009

“In the early 1990’s my daughter was involved in a car accident. A young man was driving and my daughter was injured. We had never gone through anything like this, never had engaged an attorney for anything and when my daughter went for medical treatment she was denied saying the driver’s insurance wouldn’t cover her. We got a call a few days later from a woman saying she worked for Harley Feinstein and she had seen the police report and wanted to know if everything was all right with our daughter. We explained how my daughter needed medical help and was being denied. That same day the confusion was cleared up and my daughter not only got the medical care she needed but after signing Harley as our attorney to look out for her rights my daughter received a settlement as he made sure nothing was out of pocket and he took care of her to the last letter of the law.

A couple of years later my daughter was involved in another accident that involved a drunk driver. The young man who was at fault had taken his father’s commercial vehicle without his father’s direct knowledge and the insurance company was denying. My daughter nearly died in this accident and her first night of medical bills came to over $150,000 plus she was in intensive care off and on for three weeks. It is now 18 years later and my daughter still is suffering physically from that accident but because of the action Harley took 18 years ago my daughter is financially secure.

Harley brought in a consulting attorney and together they knew every nuance of the law in a case like this. This was a very complicated case where my daughter may not have even gotten her medical bills paid. With Harley and the other attorney working tirelessly on my daughter’s behalf not only were the bills paid but a life long monthly trust for her for put in place. Because she is still limited physically this money has been a Godsend for her allowing her to take only jobs that match her strength and only jobs she really loves.

Over the years Harley Feinstein has been the one we called when my sons were new and inexperienced drivers on these less than safe Jamul roads. These were minor non injury accidents but he still took the same care with detail to make sure insurance companies did what they promised as stated on our policies we paid for monthly.

My husband has had an accident when he hydroplaned and ran into a lady. Harley helped us with that accident. A young driver shot across an intersection and ran into me. My insurance company did not want to give me a rental car. After Harley called them I not only got a rental but it was a newer model of my car that had been run into which I ended up having to keep for a month as repairs were made.

When the fires broke out in San Diego two years ago a teenager ran into us in a Costco parking lot and fled. From witnesses Harley was able to put together a case for us to have all medical injuries paid, get a rental car and receive a financial settlement. The father of the teenager asked us to accept only payment to have our car fixed. Involving Harley we were able to go to months of chiropractic care needed as a result of this accident.

I cannot tell you how many people we have told about Harley Feinstein when they have told us their stories of how they were involved in accidents and their insurance companies would not help. A very few times Harley has called us to say he couldn’t help a person we referred and would say that is all he could say on the matter so he must have had very good reason and knew something that hadn’t been disclosed to us.

Harley Feinstein’s number is on my speed dial on my phone. We pray we do not need him in the future but if a situation arises where we need any kind of legal assistance he will be the first person we call.”

Ron and Anneke Schieberl

March 13, 2009

“Several years ago I had the pleasure of working with Harley when I was seeking an attorney to incorporate my business. Harley was easily accessible and took the time to answer all my questions along the way. Still years later, when I need advice regarding my Corporation or have questions from my clients, Harley is there to assist.”

Mrs. M.J. of Encinitas CA

April 9, 2009

“I felt like I was getting nowhere with the insurance company after an accident that totaled my vehicle. After being told that I may not receive any compensation, I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

I found Harley Feinstein’s advertisement in the local Yellow Pages. Fortunately, for me, he returned my phone call that same day.

Because of Mr. Feinstein, I was able to be seen by a chiropractor for my injuries incurred in the accident, and was able to receive compensation.

I am truly grateful for the services he provided.”

Ms. R., San Diego, CA


“I got injured when our Asst Store Manager hit me on my left arm when she backed up her car to get a parking space. I found Mr. Feinstein’s ad in the yellow pages. I decided to consult with Mr. Feinstein since his office location was convenient for me.

Mr. Feinstein represented me in my lawsuit and got me an awesome settlement and I was able to get the best treatment for my injury. Mr. Feinstein is very professional, compassionate and always has patience on answering my questions. Unlike other law firms who are represented by a Paralegal, I always get to speak with Mr. Feinstein when I have concerns about my case.

I recommended Mr. Feinstein to my friend who needs to file Bankruptcy and she was also impressed on his professionalism. I have other referrals to Mr. Feinstein and all of them were satisfied the way they handles their cases.

Whenever I or any of my friends need legal advice, I always call Mr. Feinstein. His willingness to help out esp. during the most difficult time of my life gave me that feeling that I can “trust” him on any legal matter. That is a confidence that you can hardly find nowadays. I’ve met other lawyers who is more concern on getting their legal fees even before they render their services…Mr. Feinstein is more concern on his client’s situation and problem resolution than his personal interest. When you avail his services, you are sure that you are in good hands.”

A Personal Injury Client